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Our  Mission:

  LOVE- Nurse & Allied Staffing is a solutions service provider tailored to help mitigate revenue losses associated with staffing shortages. In partnership with client facilities, our company place providers who deliver bedside care with excellence. We are dedicated to fulfilling even the most demanding needs with providers skilled in current and evolving clinical practices, supporting the overall goal of healthy communities! 


How We Do It: 
We network with facilities throughout the State of Maryland offering a vast knowledge of Federal and Local healthcare regulations alongside our services, further mitigating client losses. Recruiters and Providers maintain clinical expertise as unique and abundant as the lily of the valley, promoting diversity. Our recruiters also specialize in seeking and placing demand staff who demonstrate highly proficient skill-sets, facility preparedness, and most importantly,  operate in the spirit of love/charity.  

Whether the client seeking staffing solutions, or the provider answering the call to excellence, LOVE- Nurse & Allied Staffing is confident in fulfilling your current and evolving needs!

 Join the Team!

Embark on a new and exciting career with LOVE- Nurse and Allied Staffing! 
We seek to recruit practitioners knowledgeable in various medical systems and operations; in hopes of greatly meeting client expectations. We seek the satisfaction of our employees with continued staffing opportunities, great pay, benefits, and employee perks. Resumes are accepted by email, fax, or link option to form.

Thanks for submitting!

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