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Standing in Solidarity:

We are standing with all Healthcare workers and Service Providers at the United "Million" Nurses March on May 12, 2022, at Freedom Plaza, Washington DC

10 am - 4 pm EST.



Across the nation, providers have experienced staffing shortages, unsafe patient ratios, violence, and the right to competitive pay. We believe in providers' voices being heard and legislative action that supports the overall goal of Healthy Workplaces, Providers, and Communities! Register today to rally with LOVE- Nurse & Allied Staffing and get a free T-shirt demonstrating your support!

 Excellence & Dedication 

2021-10-29 (2).png

 Evolvement & Appreciation 

Celebrating our Healthcare Workers:

May 6-May12 is National Nurse Week. Despite the name given we are showing all providers our appreciation with cash and gift Prizes! For the excellence of craft, contributions to the evolvement of healthcare, and dedication to the many communities served, providers derve honor!


Visit us every day during  Nurses Week on any social media platform by following the links below or entering #lovenursingstaff on platforms where posts with instructions. With a special Grand Prize winner on May 12, 2022, for Nurse Appreciation Day.


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